The Road Book : VISA




For French nationals, valid passport for at least 6 months after the return date and a visa. All foreigners are required to have a visa and an invitation to an individual, a business or an organization approved by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or traveling through an agency accredited travel. Thus, tourism visa is required.


Important documents for the visa application:

  • Passport
  • 1 Application Form (2 forms for Belgium)
  • 1 PHOTO (2 photos for Belgium)
  • About 60 to 80 euros depending on the period of validity and number of entries.


PS: The filling of visa forms must be completed online. Http: //evisa.mfa.vz/evisa_fr

Then print the completed form and attach photo and passport.

CAREFUL! All these information are to be checked with the consulates, as the situation may evolve.




The national currency of Uzbekistan is the som (UZS). There are 100, 200, 500, 1 000 and 5 000-som banknotes and 25, 50, 100 and 500-som coins used currently. The banknotes are similar in size but vary in color; they depict Uzbekistan’s cultural and heritage sites.


You can exchange money at Uzbekistan’s National Bank outlets. Most of the hotels and official currency exchange offices are commonly located near bazaars and at shopping centers. You will need your passport and stay permit to exchange money through them.


Note that the most common foreign currency in Uzbekistan is US dollars. The US banknotes you exchange in the country should be in good condition – without defects, bad folds, worn areas and scribbles – or it will be hard to exchange them.


You can use Visa and MasterCard cards mainly in Tashkent and at fewer locations in Samarkand and Bukhara for cash withdrawals through ATMs (cash machines) in their large hotels or banks. You can also make payments with these cards at some hotels, restaurants and stores in Tashkent. However, technical failures of the card handling equipment may occur, so it is advisable to always have enough cash on you.




It is possible to travel to Uzbekistan at any time of the year. Yet, the best periods to have a trip are from March to July and from September to October. The period from the end of June to mid-August, is called “chilla” by the locals, is the hottest: the day temperature frequently rises to 40°C and even higher in some parts of the country. Autumn is pleasant and bountiful in agricultural produce; the bazaars are full of a wide variety of low-cost and quality fruits, vegetables and cucurbit crops. At the end of November, the day temperature may still remain around 10°С. Although the average winter temperatures are not far below zero, they may occasionally drop to around minus 15° in the cities and lower in the mountains and the steppe areas. Showers, rains and snows in spring, autumn and winter are occasional; they are less frequent and shorter than in Europe, for instance.


  • For French nationals, valid passport for at least 6 months after the return date and a visa.
  • The national currency of Uzbekistan is the som (UZS)


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