The Road Book : DRESS CODE


Suitable clothing to travel in Uzbekistan differs as to the season. Clothes made of cotton and other natural textiles will be the best choice in warm and hot weather. You will feel best in T-shirts, light and loose trousers, shorts, or sundresses. Remember that your footwear must be comfortable, light and strong, since you will have to walk over rough ground surfaces at times. Sunglasses, light headwear and sunblock lotion should also be kept handy.


If you travel early in spring (March to the beginning of April) or at the end of autumn (October to November), it is advisable to take a windbreaker, a sweater or a similar garment. In winter the day temperature may sometimes fall to minus 10°С – 25°С (depending on the location), so a raincoat, a warm coat, a warm hat or a knit cap will be necessary.

If you plan to visit the mountains, steppe area or the desert, note that the difference between the day and night temperatures is considerable, so have warm clothes to change into at night.

You should be considerate towards the local traditions, culture and religion. While visiting religious sites, women should wear loose garments covering most of their arms and legs, and of course the cleavage. Headscarves will also be advisable to put on. Note that you will have to take off your shoes while entering some of the sacred places where people pray.


  • Suitable clothing to travel in Uzbekistan differs as to the season.


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